• Why History

    • The History major offers students the opportunity to explore the complex relationship between our understanding of the past and our experience of the present.

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    • Our Students

    • History attracts a diverse set of students with a wide range of interests. Get to know them today!

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    • Our Faculty

    • History is supported by a diverse set of faculty with expertise in a wide range of topics. Get to know them today!

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    • Our Students' Experience

    • Our students engage with History outside the classroom through internships, study abroad, and involvement in student organizations. Check out these exciting opportunities!

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  • 12 April 2018

    Rector’s Tea with Professor Borland: Life at the Epicenter. Happening on 12th April, 6pm!

  • 11 April 2018

    History Capstone Final Presentations are happening on Wednesday 11 April 2018, 12.30-4pm at Classroom 21!


  • 23 January 2018

    Associate Professor Istvan Szijarto from Eötvös University, Budapest, will be giving a lecture on microhistory, the intense historical investigation of a relatively small subject. The lecture will give an overview of microhistory, concentrating on its Italian origins, its definition and the theoretical problems it raises. The lecture is held at 6.15pm on 23 January at Saga Common Lounge.

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Latest Events

13 April 2018 (Fri) , 6pm - 7.30pm
Shaken and Stirred: The Geophysics and Humanity of...
Earthquakes have affected personal lives, societies, and the environment in a myriad of  different ways. In this inte...
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12 April 2018 (Thu) , 6pm - 7.15pm
Rector’s Tea with Professor Borland: Life at...
In this presentation, Janet Borland will tadlk about three earthquakes that have shaped her life and her research: th...
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11 April 2018 (Wed) , 6pm - 8pm
End of Semester Social Event
An event for students and faculty to get to know each other. Food will be served.
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11 April 2018 (Wed) , 12.30pm
History Capstone Final Presentations
All are welcome to listen and support our Yale-NUS History Seniors as they present their capstones. Refreshments will...
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