• Last Week, 29 Oct 2018

    The Idea of ‘Asia’ in turn-of-the Twentieth-Century Philippine Pan-Asianist Action and Political Thought

    Come to the ELM COMMON LOUNGE on 8 November at 12 PM to hear from Dr Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz. She will be discussing Southeast Asia’s reformulation and practice of Pan-Asianism in the face of Western imperial consolidation and the rise of Japan.

    Please see the following poster for more information.

  • Last Week, 30 Oct 2018


    Disability goes Global: The International Year of Disabled Persons (1981) in Historical Perspective
    Monika Baar

    ELM Common Lounge
    12 November | 12:30 PM
    Hosted by Kevin Goldstein and Mate Rigo

    1981 was designated by the United Nations the International Year of Disabled Persons, to be followed by the International Decade of Disabled Persons (1982-1993). It was the first occasion to place disability into a global context by endorsing it authoritatively as a human rights issue. It was in 1980, in preparation for the International Year that WHO produced the first classification of disability designed for universal application. This classification was based on an ideological framework which reflected the standards of the modern ‘Western world’. It focused on the individual and assumed that equality, independence, self-reliance and personal self-fulfilment are universally desirable and applicable values and that dependence constitutes a problem. The conscience of the international community was stirred during the International Year, spawning numerous governmental and non-governmental initiatives in ‘developing’ countries. These initiatives brought into sharp relief the notion that focusing on individual rights runs contrary to accepted norms and practices found in many regions of the world where the disabled person is seen as part of a larger whole: the care-giving family and kinship networks. The presentation seeks to reflect on the impact of the International Year up to the present day by raising the question how the concept of disability may be understood in a multicultural world.

    See this link for more information:

  • Last Week, 17 Oct 2018

    Can we talk about a “public sphere” existing in isolated outposts of the eighteenth-century British empire? Kathleen Wilson, a SUNY Distinguished Professor of History from Stony Brook University, will be talking about how Fort Marlborough operated as both center and periphery in the world of the East India Company.

    Please see the attached poster for more information (Wilson 30.10.18)

  • Last Week, 17 Oct 2018

    We are fortunate to have Richard Bell, an Associate Professor of History at the University of Maryland, give a talk at Yale-NUS College.

    This talk follows the odyssey of five free African American Boys kidnapped from Philadelphia in 1825, who were marched more than a thousand miles to Mississippi for sale as slaves. It situates their ordeal in the context of a massive wave of abductions and forced migrations and explains how their particular experiences impacted the Anti-Slavery Movement and the Free Black Resistance, setting the stage for the Civil War.

    The talk will take place on Wednesday October 24 at 6 – 7:30 PM, Classroom 15.

    Refreshments will be served

  • Last Week, 16 Oct 2018

    Sign up to take part in the National Archives Oral History Video Challenge!

    As part of the challenge, participants will unearth audio stories from the National Archives oral history collection and create short videos to highlight Singapore’s history.

    The submission deadline has been extended to 20 January 2019. In each category there will be prizes worth up to $2,500.

    Click on this link for more information!

  • Last Week, 04 Oct 2018

    Sign up for this exciting opportunity to give your thoughts on the Singapore Bicentennial exhibition! The National Museum of Singapore will be hosting two sessions for students to meet with museum curators. More information can be found in the attached poster.

    If you are interested, register with Ms Anthea Tai ( with your name, contact number and the session you are interested in participating in.

    Deadline for registration is 9 October, 5 PM. Each session is limited to 30 participants.

    Dates: 16 or 25 October
    Time: 3 PM – 5 PM
    Location: Perform Room, Level 3, National Museum Singapore

  • Previous Month, 12 Sep 2018

    On 12th September 2018, Professor Naoko Shimazu, Associate Dean (Faculty Development), participated as a guest speaker on BBC World Service Radio Programme called The Forum. There was a special on the “Making of Modern Japan”, which is a 45 minute programme to mark the centenary of the Meiji Restoration of  1868. To listen to the recording, please go to:

  • Previous Month, 12 Apr 2018

    Rector’s Tea with Professor Borland: Life at the Epicenter. Happening on 12th April, 6pm!

  • Previous Month, 11 Apr 2018

    History Capstone Final Presentations are happening on Wednesday 11 April 2018, 12.30-4pm at Classroom 21!


  • Previous Month, 23 Jan 2018

    Associate Professor Istvan Szijarto from Eötvös University, Budapest, will be giving a lecture on microhistory, the intense historical investigation of a relatively small subject. The lecture will give an overview of microhistory, concentrating on its Italian origins, its definition and the theoretical problems it raises. The lecture is held at 6.15pm on 23 January at Saga Common Lounge.