Class Exhibition – 1917: War and Revolution

19 September 2019 (Thu), 7:30 PM
At Library

The First World War or the Great War was the “great seminal catastrophe” of the twentieth century (GeorgeKennan) that left almost twenty million people dead and just as many wounded, disabled, and traumatized. For many, including the historian Eric Hobsbawm, the start of the Great War marked the true beginning of the twentieth-century that he labelled as the Age of Extremes. The Great War was the first global war that deeply affected Southeast Asian populations as well. Many of them, especially from Indochina, were drafted for labour service in the Western Front while others suffered from trade restrictions and more stringent colonial oppression. The war’s impact also cut across social classes and gender while women and children emerged as primary targets of home-front propaganda. The selection of works by Yale-NUS students enrolled at the Historical Immersion course 1917: War and Revolution in spring 2019 offers an innovative take on the war, inciting reflection and participation at the interactive panels.