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Tinesh Indrarajah, Class of 2017

GovInsider, Singapore

Over the summer of 2016, I worked for GovInsider as its Research Fellow. I was given the opportunity to research on how governments in ASEAN are preparing to face a future infectious diseases epidemic. My research process included scheduling interviews with top government officials, health professionals and leading academics from around the region. I also relied on historical methods of analysis to attain the necessary secondary scholarship to present a more nuanced and comprehensive view of the challenges faced by ASEAN in its efforts to combat infectious diseases over the last decade.

I chose this internship because it gave me an opportunity to marry three of my existing academic interests – the role of governance in our lives, the multi-disciplinary application of data and pressing issues affecting Southeast Asia. GovInsider provided the perfect platform to engage with all three strands, while also learning more about journalistic methods and the role played by media in informing public policy.

For a better understanding of the work I produced while working for GovInsider, please check out these articles that I wrote (one of which was cited on Wikipedia!):

Regina Hong, Class of 2017

Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

Having volunteered at a Japanese museum during my study abroad stint, I was curious to know more about the museum scene in Singapore. As a curatorial intern for the Peranakan Museum, I assisted with research for upcoming exhibitions and did short write-ups for new acquisitions that might eventually be featured on the National Heritage Board’s website, I also had the opportunity to experience firsthand the amount of work that goes into setting up an exhibition, which involves proofreading text panels multiple times and even hand-drawing diagrams to indicate the relative positions of objects on display! The internship was both professionally eye-opening in allowing me to learn about the job scope of a curator, and academically enriching in giving me an intensive crash course on aspects of Southeast Asian art history.