Student Organisations

Yale-NUS College provides an environment that supports a rich student life involving a wide range of student events and student organisations. Many of our student organizations are actively involved in organising and discussing History related events and issues. To learn more, please check out some of the featured student organisations below.

Yale-NUS Historians Society

The Yale-NUS Historians society was set up to provide students with opportunities beyond a regular classroom setting to engage with and explore their various interests in all fields of history. The society hopes to strengthen the appreciation Yale-NUS students have for past events and how these events might have a hand in shaping the present and future. The society hopes to foster greater student interest in history by collaborating and supporting student-led projects relating to historical issues; hosting talks and seminars by students and professors to spark off interest in related historical issues. Finally, the society also aims to inspire the Yale-NUS student body to actively engage in discussing past or active issues with a historical perspective and to expand their general knowledge of all fields of history and related historical events.

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